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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures / Debugging Services

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The Spy Shop LLC is a partnered associate†with ATS research

ATS RESEARCH has been a licensed private investigation firm in the State of Michigan since 1996. For over a decade our firm has subcontracted for local and national investigation companies throughout the United States and abroad. We are a small cohesive team that has worked together for years and come from various investigative backgrounds.

ATS client base ranges from the government to select private sectors. The core focus of our firm is insurance claim verification through surveillance and investigation efforts.

ATS†experience in the TSCM field come has from years of education,†client volume†and knowledge of numerous hostile devices in use.† In†addition, ATS Research has been partnered†in the SPY SHOP business for years so our knowledge of the available devices is vast.


ATS Research offers a Limited Residential TSCM Service for a 2500 square feet or less, two story home with basement. This service may also be considered for a small office.

There is a $500.00 minimum charge for this service.
Add $20.00 Trip Charge if location is more than†20 miles from our office.

The service includes the following:

Hostile Wireless Audio Transmission Search
∑ Hostile Wireless Video Transmission Search 900 Mhz & 1.2 Ghz , 2.4 Ghz
∑ Limited Visual and Physical Inspection

The low threat level includes a search by electronic means for audio transmitting devices, video transmitting devices, carrier current devices and a visual telephone line inspection from the exterior junction box attached to the building and throughout the structure. In addition, a limited physical and visual search of the premises is conducted for hardwired devices. This type of search is quick, basic and frequently used. It will usually locate various types of typical low level attacks and can take from 2 to 3 hours.

Payment in advance is required.

Call 248-439-1144 for more information.



∑ Residential occupants with elevated concerns regarding spouses, terminated relationships and stalkers or corporate executive privacy and safety issues.

∑ All types of commercial or industrial entities with concerns for employees/planted employees and external threats utilizing devices for industrial espionage, trade theft or personal reasons.

The medium threat 2†level includes a search by electronic means for audio transmitting devices, video transmitting devices, hardwired audio and video devices, carrier current devices and physical telephone analysis from the exterior junction box attached to the building and throughout the structure. In addition, an extensive physical and visual search is conducted of the premises including outlets, switches and other items considered a possible threat.

This type of search is usually selected by concerned clients and is more intense and sophisticated. Advanced technical equipment and tactics would be utilized and requires more manpower with the expertise to operate the equipment and perform a physical search. It will usually locate numerous types of medium level attacks and can take from 4 to 6 hours depending on the type, size and contents of the structure.

Call 248-439-1144 for more information


ATS RESEARCH offers a plan of recurring countermeasures inspections at a reduced rate with a retainer. These inspections can be performed on a random, monthly, or quarterly basis.


ATS RESEARCH can perform countermeasures inspections of target and surrounding rooms previous to secure meetings or conferences. In addition, signal jamming devices along with security personnel can be in place to provide added security.

For more detailed information you can visit the ATS Research website

OR -

Call our retail shop for more info† 248-439-1144

Note: Any other service beyond the initial TSCM service such as telephone consultation, meetings, report generation, verbal communications will be considered billable time and will be charged at a rate of $65.00 per man-hour in addition to any related expenses.